Electrical systems for marine vessels, vehicles and to the needs of the Finnish Defence Forces

We design and deliver various electrical systems for boats, ships, vehicles and for the needs of the Finnish Defence Forces. The cooperation with the best manufacturers of ships, boats and vehicles enables successful electrical system solutions.

Marine Systems for boats and ships

In our product selection, you find electrical system components suitable for both console boats and luxury cruisers. We work together with the world's leading boat manufacturers and shipyards in order to create the best possible and functional electrical systems. Designing, consulting and delivery of components are a few examples of our services.

Check out our Marine Systems by taking a look at our Marine Catalogue which is available through the link below. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us! We are happy to assist and help you – no matter how small or big your boat is.

Product catalogue

Mobile Systems for vehicles

Demand for electricity is continuously growing in modern cars. Recreational vehicles, such as motor homes, consume more and more electricity. This sets new requirements for batteries and connected devices, too.

The electrical systems of commercial vehicles need to be reliable, which means that it is worth investing in high-quality and reliable equipment and devices. The electrical system components included in our selection present the state-of-the-art technology and are used in the most quality motor homes.

Mastervolt Lithium-Ion Batteries and Fischer Panda Diesel Generators and Inverters enable efficient but still light systems. You will find our catalogue, including all the system components, service-free batteries, sine wave inverters, battery chargers, diesel generators and even the most tiny connection accessories from negative rails to various automatic fuses, through the link below.